in Mar 2, 2020

Seems like everyone! No doubt the universe bestowed on Michaela Vybohova the blessings of beauty. Born and raised in Slovakia, her ambition to go out into the world and make something special of her life began at age 14 when she was discovered by a modeling agent, and thus began her career in the competitive world of fashion, and traveling the world for photoshoots and runway modeling. An exciting, non-stop life for sure... but not too busy for Michaela to stop and take the time to look at the world through eyes of inspiration; learn about different cultures, languages, and most of all keep a watchful eye on what went on behind the scenes with designers whose clothes and accessories she showcased on the runway. Michaela began to sketch designs that she felt would appeal to, and look fabulous on all women not just on supermodels. Her goal was to make women feel beautiful, confident and comfortable in trendy fashion designs.

What sparked a desire to go into modeling?

Michaela: I was raised by a single mom and I watched her work sometimes three jobs to make ends meet. I had to become independent and do things for myself. As a teenager I started thinking how I could contribute to our household? I had jobs giving away fliers; being a security guard at a mall which I was fired from because I was afraid to confront people who were stealing from stores. A friend took me to a model search and a women said, “You should sign up.” I was young and not sure. I said, “I don’t know if this is for me.” She was pushy, so I did it, and placed in the top five. Modeling was a great opportunity to travel because I had never left Slovakia before. I was making more money than I made at the mall, and I was being responsible helping my mom as much as I could. I was having the time of my life.

It was your first taste of the world of design, fashion, clothes, and shoes 

Michaela: I’ve always had an eye for beautiful clothes especially shoes, but I could never afford them. So, I looked for alternatives like shopping on eBay. I would order swimsuits in bulk from Alibaba, add crystals for more fashion, then put them back on eBay, and resell them. One of my big entrepreneurial gigs! Women loved the look. I’ve always wanted to be a designer and create something that would make people happy.

In your shoeline it seems you have a distinct passion for bright green. Why?

Michaela: Because I want women to have that little “green light” in thier lives, in their souls... a reminder that we have the freedom to make our dreams come true. Go anywhere—do anything! Green is the color of positivity, nature, health.. the shade I use is called “emerald green” which is the color of a gemstone that I think Is one of the most beautiful of nature’s gifts.

Your long-awaited and much deserved dream of becoming a successful fashion designer has come true with your fabulous shoe line, Michaela V. You’re in the process of launching your second season of designs that includes not only fashionable, but comfy boots. Beyonce more than likes what you have to offer... she has requested samples of your boots for consideration for her tour. Can’t get better than that! 

Michaela: If I work hard, I can design shoes people love and will wear. Being an
entrepreneur gives me a sense that I have control over my destiny. I’m running a
business based in New York and split my time between New York and L.A. My second season of shoes is a broader spectrum with sandals and stilettos. One of my new projects is making the shoes customized: Women can put their initials on the shoes. It’s fun, exciting and makes wearing the shoes a very personal experience.

What is the philosophy behind your shoes? 

Michaela: I’ve worked hard to design shoes of high quality. I use leather; mostly
suedes and silk that I source from Italy. The fabric makes the shoes bendable and customized to fit the arch of a foot; softer, not too tight. Nobody likes shoes that cause blisters and scratches! On my new designs I use the perfect rope to make them as sexy, silky, smooth and comfortable as possible. I want women to not only love the design and the feel of the shoe, but also truly love the fit.